Migration Agency – Letter of invitation for Schengen visa

If you are going to invite a relative or friend to Sweden, you might need to fill an invitation form and send it to your guest. An invitation for a person that is going to apply for a Swedish visa is also a document that a Notary Public can verify. It is important that you bring a filled in copy of Migrationsverket’s invitation, which can be found below.

Link to the form on Migrationsverket’s website

Family Law and Parental Support Authority

MFoF is an authority that works for children to have a safe upbringing and good relationships with their parents. It is a knowledge-based authority that supports parents, offers family consultation, and takes care of the social committees’ family law errands. They also work to ensure that adoptions to Sweden are done in a legal and ethical manner.

Link to MFoF’s website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet – UD) is responsible for Sweden’s relationships with other countries and international organizations, as well as assistance and international trade politics. UD forms Sweden’s foreign service together with around 100 authorities. Some documents need to be verified by a Notary Public before they are sent to UD.

Link to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Notaries of Europe

Notaries of Europe is the official authority that represents the Notary Public profession in errands with European institutions. Here you can find relevant information about the purpose of a Notary Public and the latest news about evolution and progress within the profession.

Link to Notaries of Europe’s website